Vehicle DVR Systems

Vehicle DVR Systems

Our CCTV DVR systems are ideal in protecting vehicles by providing HD quality footage, allowing you to prevent false claims against you and your employees in case of an incident. We offer top of the line digital recording systems which grant a 360º vision inside and outside of your vehicles that can be used as evidence. You can evaluate the performance of your drivers and reduce complaints by viewing the CCTV footage. Rewire Security DVR recorders support up to 8 cameras, and they are suitable for installation in all types of vehicles from taxis and minibuses to cranes and trucks. With cutting-edge tools such as GPS Logging, Crash Detection, Anti Tamper Design and Wireless Remote; you can promote safer driving habits and implement powerful safeguards.

Our CCTV DVR Recorders give vehicle operators, and drivers complete visibility around their vehicles. CCTV systems provide evidence with investigations, and they are especially useful at identifying driver behaviour, road hazards and risks. Versatile and fully customisable, our vehicle DVR recorder range presents comprehensive solutions to manage and monitor your vehicles.

Take the Control of Your Vehicle into Your Hands

GPSLive tracking software provides fleet managers and company owners with extensive information about their drivers and vehicles, such as; real-time location, live tracking, route history, alerts & notifications, geo-fence zones, business mileage logging, and reports. Vehicle & Fleet management systems can be tailored to suit businesses of any size. Whether you have 10 or 1000 vehicles, GPS tracking software can become an irreplaceable tool and allow fleet managers to make the necessary adjustments to improve their fleet operations and profitability.

Smart and Affordable GPS Tracking Systems from Rewire Security. Locate and track people, vehicle and assets in real-time, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Hero ME40-04 4 Ch AHD DVR

Ultra compact, simple yet functional solid state SD , 4-Channel D1/720P AHD Hybrid H.264 Dual SD Card MDVR for vehicles. Ideal cost effective CCTV solution to protect you or your business from false accusations or bogus insurance claims. Cover your vehicle from all angles with support for up to 4 cameras recording resolutions as high as 720p AHD with audio. Suitable for installation in all types of vehicles including Taxis, Cars, Vans, Lorries, Buses and many more. Configure the ME40-04 to meet your needs. Customise the record quality, quality, frame rate, image orientation and view. Set the MDVR to record on ignition, time or movement.

Internal Secure Storage

The Howen Hero ME40-04 supports two SD memory cards with a maximum capacity of 256GB each. Record for over 16 driving hours in HD quality using just one 128GB card. Longer recording times can be achieved by installing larger memory cards. Recorded footage can be backed up to a USB drive or download via the SD cards to a computer directly for archiving. The Hero ME40-04 has been designed with data protection in mind. Access to the storage media, is protected by a key operated locking cover.

High-Resolution Cameras

The Howen Hero ME40-04 is compatible with the latest high resolution AHD cameras as well as standard analogue cameras with either locking 4 pin aviation connectors or phono RCA plugs. An external screen can also be connect to view a live feed of the MDVRs connected cameras. Support for external screens/displays with either 4 pin aviation connectors or phono RCA plugs.

HDD & SD Card Storage and Folding LCD Screen

The MDVRs menus are password protected and all recorded media is encrypted to protect against unauthorised access. Recorded footage can be played back on the MDVR using the supplied IR remote control or a USB mouse. The MDVR will record on a loop, so once the storage is full it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage first.