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Complete Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Put the power of GPS Vehicle Tracking technology to work for you. It is no secret that some of your employees are more productive than others. Fleet management systems allow you to view the real-time location of your drivers anytime and hold every driver in your fleet to the same productivity standards and increase every employees’ value for your business with easy to understand reports on vehicle maintenance, speed violations, mileage and driver performance.

Track & Locate Fleet Vehicles

Healthy cars and trucks stay on the road longer. When you keep track of the location your vehicles, mileage done and field employees’ driving behaviour, you know for sure that all your vehicles are performing at maximum efficiency and being properly maintained. With the use of our driver identification system, drivers changing vehicles will never lead to an incomplete picture of their driving behaviour. Each driver in your fleet gets a unique key fob assigned to them, which they will have to scan to turn on the engine before going out for a work trip.

Optimize Routes & Dispatch

Optimise routes and Dispatch nearest vehicles. Route planning is an essential part of the vehicle fleet management process; using GPSLive software you can view the congestions in city traffic and plan for more efficient routes for your fleet vehicles which will allow you to lower fuel expenses and vehicle mileage. By knowing where your vehicles are at all times, you will be able to dispatch the nearest vehicles to customers in need and help your staff to reach their destination faster.

Compatible with All Vehicle Types

GPS tracking platform works on PC, tablet and smartphones and features a long list of useful functions for enabling fleets to improve productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of Fleet Management for Businesses

Every fleet business has operational challenges that require time, energy and resources to overcome. Rewire Security fleet management systems help businesses to streamline their operations regardless of their size with our customisable tracking solutions. You can enhance the quality of your services, deliver your cargo on-time and develop an efficient dispatching system by integrating our GPS tracking systems.

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