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Automatic Tank Calibration Station

DUT-E ATS-1 automatic tank calibration station increases labor productivity of technicians and overall accuracy of fuel monitoring system.


 Continuous filling of liquid provides higher accuracy of fuel tank calibration;

 Automatic shut-off in case pressure/temperature limits are surpassed.

 Quick coupling hoses fittings – camlock;

 Two operation modes – automatic and semi-automatic;

 2-3 times quicker calibration of fuel tank;

 “Human reliability” does not affect accuracy of calibration;


DUT-E ATS-1 Tank Calibration Station is made for automatic calibration of fuel tanks of vehicles as well as stationary fuel tanks/cisterns up to 3,000 liters, where fuel level sensor is installed. The station is controlled via Bluetooth from Android-based smartphone or tablet. Automatic calibration station speeds up fuel tank calibration process by 2-3 times and provides higher accuracy of fuel tank calibration.

Operating principle:

1. After connecting the fuel level sensor to calibration station, an approximate value of tank volume is set in Service S6 DUT-E mobile app.  That is necessary for further recording of 60 calibration points and generation of calibration table with equal step of filled fuel volume.

2. By pushing “START” button automatic uninterrupted fuel tank calibration begins: the station automatically pumps fuel from external tank into the calibrated fuel tank. Optimal speed of fuelling (3-5 times more calm than fuel dispenser for trucks at gas station) allows to avoid noticeable fuel fluctuations and foaming in the tank.

3. Generation of calibration table is made continuously as fuel tank is filling: values of fuel level  in tank (measured by DUT-E CAN/DUT-E 2Bio/DUT-E GSM fuel level sensor) and corresponding values of filled fuel volumes (measured by inbuilt DFM Marine flow meter)  are transmitted through Bluetooth to the Android device.

4. Mobile app automatically generates calibration table so the process of tank calibration with ATS-1 doesn’t require any attention of a technician.

5. After fuel fulling to calibrated tank is finished, tank calibration process automatically ends. The technician can save calibration table into sensor’s memory or save into a file for further transferring to GPS-tracker or online telematics/vehicle tracking server.

Rated pumping speed, l/h


Relative calibration error (of tank volume), %, not more than


Operation modes

automatic and semi-automatic

Nominal supply voltage, V

12±3 V

Maximum current consumption, A, not more than


Overall dimensions, mm, not more than

700х360х225 mm

Weight, kg, not more than


Interface for communication with Android device

Bluetooth 4.1

Time of uninterrupted operation, h, no more than


*    For tanks of sophisticated shape the error value may reach ±1.0 %.

** With technological break for no less than 15 min long after each 2 hours of uninterrupted operation

1 – DUT-E ATS-1 Automatic Tank 1 pc.;

Calibration Station assembly
2 – Specification 1 pc.;
3 – S6 2SC-300 Extension cable (3 m) 4 – Filling hose 1 pc.;
5 – Suction hose 1 pc.;
6 – Magnetic key 1 pc.;


DUT-E ATS-1 automatic tank calibration station


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