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GPS Tracking software is a great choice for your tracking business. It helps to avoid extra expenses when hosting your tracking software in our servers.
Servers with software resides in RSA Data Center are covered from all technical aspects, while you will be able to concentrate on your core business.
Our team will prepare server with software for you, support your service, ensure physical and electronic security and keep it up to date. You will get ready a ready-to-go Tracking Server, and no technical skills needed from your side.

Monthly or annual cost of service depends on number of devices which will be connected to server, we will build a pricing plan according to your needs. Plans can be upgraded at any time. Also, software is a complete white label tracking system. To personalize software, we use your company name, logo, domain, change colors and login page look.

Use wide range of sensors compatible with RSA tracking devices.
  • Sensors allows to monitor different aspects, such as fuel level, temperature, voltage, iButton, RFID and much more.
  • Calibration table and formulas are available for precise measurements.
  • Software offers object control using commands which is extremely useful feature to control vehicles remotely. Turn on/off ignition and many other aspects.
  • With geofences you are able to make a virtual perimeter on geographic areas that have specific interest for you.
  • The main reason to have geofences is to control whether the units stays within it or not, so that when the geofencing unit enters or exits the area a notification is generated.

Service Agreement

This is a legal agreement between Customer and RSA SERVICES for the use of Tracking Software. By using any version of Tracking Software you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If Customer does not agree to this agreement, Customer may not use Tracking Software.


  • Tracking Software – means the specific software located in RSA SERVICES Servers.
  • Update – means a revision or patch that improves the functionality of Tracking Software, and may contain new features or enhancements.
  • RSA SERVICES – means
  • GPS SERVER – means the owner of Tracking Software at

Tracking Software License

GPS SERVER grants to Customer a time limited access to Tracking Software. Access is non-assignable, nontransferable, without the right to sub-license.

Documentation License

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, GPS SERVER grants to Customer a non-assignable, nontransferable license, without the right to sub-license, to use the Documentation in connection with Customer’s authorized use of Tracking Software.

Customer may not reproduce or distribute the Documentation in any manner, whether physically or electronically, without the express written permission of GPS SERVER. Entity Customer may access Documentation available on GPS SERVER website.

Language Files License

Tracking Software is provided with all available language files.


Tracking Software and source codes belongs to GPS SERVER, Source code files are not provided.

Technical support

RSA SERVICES agrees to provide Customer with technical support services which include periodic distribution of bug fixes and minor enhancements as Updates. Technical support e-mail inquiries are accepted at any time and will be answered during normal business hours. RSA SERVICES will attempt to respond to inquiries within 12 hours for requests from Monday to Friday and for requests received during the weekend, we will respond within 24 hours or the following Monday.


RSA SERVICES guarantees 99.99% server up-time. This excludes scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance, DDoS attacks, force majeure and hardware failures within your server.


All Tracking Software updates will be installed on demand after they are released with an extra fee.

History period

Tracking Software history data is kept for 90 days, however it is possible to extend this period for extra fee.

Payment and delivery

Tracking Software will be prepared and activated within 48 hours if payment is received from Monday to Friday. If payment is received during the weekend, it will be prepared and activated following Monday. All access details will be sent via e-mail. Refunds are not possible.


RSA SERVICES may change this agreement at any time for any reason by posting the modified agreement on website.

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