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Fleet Management

Fleet tracking and management with real-time updates. Tailored solutions for your fleet needs. Reduce costs, driver downtime and admin.

ERP Systems

You want your web presence to be secure,fast and stable? No need to look further, contact us and let us host your projects.

Internet Services

Many companies worldwide want to move to the web but they do not have the know-how. Contact us today and let the hard work to us.

Internet Of Things

The new rule for the future is going to be, "Anything that can be connected, will be connected." And that is what we do here at RSA.

World Class Tracking Solution

Locate, track and monitor the condition of your vehicles in real-time, to reduce theft and loss, and increase operational efficiency.
We provide a tracking solution, depending on your particular requirements.

Our solution will give you a clearly detailed view of your fleet, minimizing delays and the additional costs.



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To survive and grow in harmony with our values by creating superior and sustainable Economic Value for the prosperity of our people and of society.


The quality, the creativity, the energy and the motivation of the Company’s people are the main determinants its success. People naturally seek success especially the success they earn. The variety of people is a blessing to be treasured.

It is only with mutual respect, trust and loyalty that anything lasting can be achieved. When people receive them, they return them generously.

We always keep our promises to our customers, our creditors, our associates. For this reason we are careful in promising because if we do, we will fulfil our promise even if we have to suffer losses. We value sincerity.


We try to be champions in everything we do. Our people are the best of their kind, not just good enough. We never relax, we work hard in search of innovation and progress everywhere and always.
We believe that championships are won and retained not with momentary exertions, but with continuous, systematic and disciplined improvement.

We achieve rich results with simple means. Just as nature creates the great variety of species out of only 118 elements, we seek to achieve extraordinary results with few, frugal and simple resources.

We believe in continuous progress, based on sound foundations, which is achieved with many small, trial steps, not with risky leaps.

We are Delivering Customized Internet Services for You

More than 21 years successfully developing Internet of Things. To meet expectations of our customers we constantly upgrade our existing products and launch new ones. Your goals can be achieved with the help of our R&D department.

Custom Web Hosting

Whether you need a one-page website or a site with full eCommerce capability, RSA got you covered! Contact us to find the right plan for the right price for you.

High Performance

You don’t like slow websites. Neither do your visitors. Neither do you for that matter. If your site is slow, your visitors are just going to find a different site to buy from or get their information from. You’ve worked too hard on your site. Don’t let that happen to you!

Managed Shared Hosting

Need Fast, Reliable Web Hosting? RSA is among the Leaders In Optimized Hosting For Any Need! Try Our Website Hosting Service Today!

Dedicated Web Solutions

With an interest in Dedicated Hosting, it’s clear that you want the very best hosting solution for your site and business. Good choice! Why not take it a step further and choose the very best Dedicated Hosting provider? That’s RSA !


Our Fleet Management Services Structuring

Vehicle Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking is a proven way to improve fleet performance. Optimise operating costs, increase efficiency and save time and money.

Drivers’ Behaviour

Driver ranking and motivation
Rank drivers by performance and identify places for improvement.

Fuel Monitoring

Monitor fuel level and prevent fuel thefts. Fuel costs can amount up to one-third of all fleet operating costs. Having an accurate fuel monitoring and control system is one of the main ways to cut operating costs and increase efficiency.

Reports & Analysis

Tracking and Monitoring your Fleet is very sensitive process during all your Project Plan. But what you do when comes the time for analysis of all your data ? There is where our Reporting function take place and solve all your issues. In our platform you can create your custom reports that fit your needs.

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